Does happiness come from within?

“Happiness comes from within”…What a huge deception. Happiness comes from both outside and inside us. Otherwise we would not need anyone and anything outside ourselves. However, we live in an era that the trend is that ourselves are the only responsible for our happiness or that we have the power to change everything we want in our lives, merely by working with ourselves. This trend is a convenient truth within coaching and personal development field but in reality that is only a good way to motivate and attract clients. We cannot achieve whatever we want and that realisation put us in the right place and size within the universe.

One said (apologies for not recalling his/her name and the exact quote) something like this. …Yes, if we really want something, the universe will help us achieve it. What about those starving kids in Africa…Is it that they haven’t wanted it strong enough?…

Biafra, Nov. 1969Medical clinic in Mabaitoti - Owerri.

Of course filtering and experiencing all external stimuli with a healthy and positive attitude is important. As Epictetus said: “Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them”. However, we cannot ignore that happiness is affected by external factors and in some cases more than we can think actually.

So, release yourself from the guilt that you are the only one to blame for any misfortune and pain in your life. Relax and enjoy the movie of your life as there is more to come. Do not give up trying but think wider:  change the world you live in -not only yourself. Sometimes the environment around us is not the ideal to flourish. We have the right to change our environment -the world- as we have the right to change our room or to play like carefree kids in a playground.


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