10 tips for good time management – Add a spare hour in your day

How would you feel if you had one extra hour every day?

Whether you want to fit more things in your day, or you just need more time for yourself, a good time management is simply indispensable. Here are some tips to make the most of your daily time.

1. Have your batteries full. You cannot go too far with your energy supplies being low. That means that you cannot be quick or efficient enough, if you are lack food, rest as well as recreation and motivation. That is the general principle of well-being in physical and psychological level. If you are exhausted or de-motivated to perform your daily tasks the most probable scenario is that you will go out of your schedule, experience frustration and perhaps you will create an even more unrealistic schedule, sustaining a vicious circle of running obligations and stress. Although it seems time consuming, it is quite clever to eat well, sleep a bit more and add spare and enjoyable time to your day.

2. Keep a stable life timetable and routines every day. Although we are not aware of our improvement, we do perfect ourselves daily through repetition, automating and putting order into the chaos of our mind.

3. Love what you do. Or better do what you love. Sometimes we just hate our days and unintentionally procrastinate on the thing we do not like.

4. Morning hours, for most of humans, are better for performing tasks – especially physical -, and can help people gain control over the sense of time and regulate our biological clock.

5. Make always a daily plan. If it helps, write it down. However, do not waste too much time scheduling. Add gaps and breaks, time for relaxation and, although it can be productive, mind not to make it rigid or suppressing, because in the long term you are going to hate it and discard it. Just use it as a flexible guideline. Start with a simple and easy plan /timetable and perfect it with time. It usually becomes better and more accurate with time and practice. Actually, time management is a long term process.

6. Prioritise. Obligations and tasks are countless. Start with the ones that are the most important.

7. Devote yourself to your work. Eliminate unnecessary distractions and time wasters, such as messengers/ telephones, noise, talks and concentrate on you have to finish.

8. OK Computer! Most of us spend plenty of our time, especially the working one, in front of a computer screen. So, it is vital (but usually ignored) to:

  • Have a light loaded desktop and taskbar so that your computer startups and functions quickly.
  • Free your hard drive of unnecessary programs and files.
  • Scan your system for viruses and get rid of worms and spyware, frequently.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Spend some time to learn to type fast. There are many online free lessons and tips. Also it is good to learn some shortcut keys instead of using only the mouse.
  • Also, keep your system in a good condition, so that you will be able to multitask e.g. opening 10 different pages in the same time instead of opening one page after the other for 10 times in a row. That will save you the time you would have to wait until the page loads, because at the time that the pages loads you can already work on the first one you have opened.

9. Multitask. For example, cook while you listening to the news (instead of reading them), turn on your laptop while you taking off your shoes, use your bicycle instead of taking the public transport to go to your work and save your work-out time and perhaps some of your transport time, or practice your listening for the Spanish class while going there.

10. Ask for help. Sometimes it is wise to ask for other’s people help especially if they can do certain things better than you or if there are deadlines that cannot wait.

picture from Wallcoo.net

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5 Responses to 10 tips for good time management – Add a spare hour in your day

  1. thesubterraneanworld says:

    This post is too great! I enjoyed it and am thinking of its application in real life now!
    Happy Writing!

  2. Thank you Naima. I am so happy if it could trigger a desire for change and help someone to add some spare time to their lives. Happy writing too! See you soon. Pavlos

  3. thesubterraneanworld says:

    Hey ya,
    I have nominated you for “ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD” .
    For further queries, follow the link:



    • Many many thanks for nominating me Naima!! It is an honour for me, since I enjoy your your writing and love your blog. That puts me in position of responsibility about the sites that I will nominate, so I will get back to it ASAP, after considering it a little :)…
      All the best!

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