Thoughts about happiness

Sometimes, I feel tired; like I woke up today. I really have no inspiration and I do not think I have seen recently anything interesting to post, nor I have something in my mind to write about; but I do not want to leave this blog a single day without a post. It is like my daily Zen exercise.

So, this post will be just a brainstorming (or better a brainrainning) of ideas that often cross my mind regarding the question “what is happiness”. Nothing coherent – just thoughts. I do not know what it is going to look like.

Well… I start.…Happiness is a painting consisted of bright and dark tones. The existence of the dark part is absolutely necessary to create an intense and interesting effect. (That is the Jungian concept).

Happiness is a decision.

The soul never forgets. Do not try to pretend that certain things never happened. Keep your soul crystal clear.

Human is an animal.

Philosophers and psychologists described the following, as the main sources of human energy and subsequent diseases: libido (Freud); the quest for a life meaning and spirituality (Jung); the pursuit of superiority (Adler). Am I OK with my love, sex, creativity and expression aspects of my life? Am I doing OK in seeking my life’s meaning and myth, my God or an equivalent faith? Would I do it well in an imaginary exam on my life’s achievements or in an imaginary comparison of myself with all the other habitants of this planet?

What about physiological needs? How can you have happiness when you do not satisfy these first?

Our lives are defined by the past…nonsense…we are defined by the now-the present; we are definitely defined by the future, too.

Every single one of us is the only example of us that will ever exist …We already know what is each one’s “mission”; how to live and what to do … No excuses…Let’s live our dreams…Whatever we do, say etc is our part in the play of universe.. Let’s play it with confidence. As Steve Jobs said:

Happiness in some languages simply means simply “good luck”. At the end of the day it is not everything in our hands.

On the other hand, inside every single thing that makes us unhappy is hidden a mistake (action or omission) of ours that we can always find and correct.
Happiness is the horizon we see but we will never reach. It is a utopia, but it shows us the direction we should follow.

What you dreamt of? What is the most strong and beautiful feeling you have ever experienced? Is this a moment with your partner; is it a song? Is it the desire to see the world becoming a better place? Is it imagining yourself playing with a famous a rock band? Well go for it, and become who you really are. You will find more people on your journey that you can share your vision. In any other case you will get lost in a maze. This is your time; now!

Remember you are a body as well.

Everyone changes. You can change if you want. I cannot agree more with that.

Do not worry, and do not blame yourself. This world can drive you crazy sometimes. Information overload, stress, communication strategies and tricks…A game that does not fit you but you cannot change it either. Take it easy.

7 million people…You must think I am crazy to believe that humans suffer from the same thing that the industrialized vegetables suffer!…The soil has lost its tasty ingredients. Earth (spiritually) is a bit tired.

Happiness is as simple as living in accordance with nature.

…Right this very moment I am writing, two girls have just passed outside the library where I am. They looked at me, stuck their faces onto the window glass and smiled. Then they laughed, waved goodbye and left. I decided to write about this one too…Yes, it inspired me…Do what you want, feel free to do what you want! Express yourself!!! Remember that whatever moments of embarrassment this may give you back, it will not be your fault!

Human need fun, like kids need to play. Happiness is a dynamic balance like riding a bicycle; if you stop cycling you are going to fall over.

All these “wise” coaches and mentors who talk and talk rapidly and enthusiastically about the secrets of life and success, like they sell vacuum cleaners or insurance products, are far away from real happiness.

Happiness is all about communication.

You cannot achieve happiness based only on yourself. You cannot grab and lift yourself up to the air. It is against the law of physics. Someone else must do that for you. Happiness takes two (at least).

Happiness is all about having dreams and going after them; and having lots of LOVE LOVE LOVE ! ! !

Happiness is probably what we see and hear in movies, myths and fairy tales. But we just need to be a little more risky to achieve them. Keep risking.

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