Sweet dreams are made of this ΙΙ


Before you go for any tips for good sleep, always remember to have a day-time life that you enjoy much, as well as the right attitude towards sleep.

Do not be afraid to set your own pattern and times of sleep (see BBC article). However, try to sleep everyday at the same time and use the same “ritual”; in other words, keep the same habits.

It is very relaxing and refreshing to have a siesta, as long as you do not go for sleep immediately after your lunch.

Prepare for your “landing”. Do not go straight for sleep. Take some time to relax and discharge your alertness.

Make sure you have a quiet place for sleep.

Have a good mattress, the appropriate linens in terms of temperature, weight, cleanness and freshness, as well as a good and not too soft pillow.

Do not use the room or place of sleeping as your working place or for any other use. Keep it  associated only with sleeping or relaxation.

Secure your territory (even in a symbolic sense e.g. close the door); it makes you feel relaxed and safe.

Keep your bedroom clear of plants, flowers, cigarette ashes or a fireplace. Refresh the air and allow oxygen to come into the place of sleep.

Have a cool room. The ideal temperature is usually slightly lower than the normal “room temperature”.

Work out and walk a lot during daytime.

Wake up in the morning if possible and have a lot of day light or sun.

Make sure that you have eaten lightly before you sleep.

Before sleep consume food that relaxes and avoid caffeine or alcohol.

If your insomnia persists do not panic. You can try reading a nice book; drinking some relaxing herbs such as chamomile; taking a warm soothing bath, lowering the room’s temperature; getting up from your bed and taking a break instead of keeping trying to sleep. Most importantly, be patient, as insomnia has its outbursts and circles that normally ease after a period.

Have happy dreams!

picture taken from http://www.mommylivingthelifeofriley.com/

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