Sweet dreams are made of this

…Or, how to sleep well…

The natural attitude towards sleep.

The answer to the question “how to sleep well” could be just: “ask a baby”…

…Indeed, a good sleep is simply the extension of a natural and beautiful day. Of course, sleep can be influenced by factors such as the place, the time, the duration of the sleep, the temperature and other things.  However, the most important thing is that sleep should come naturally. To start with, sleep should not utilise any tricks. Our body knows what is needed and the only thing that we should do is to let it “speak”.

If we want to sleep “like babies”, we need to restore (or maintain) our natural attitude towards sleep; the one that babies have. We should feel it, enjoy it, love it, live it and honour it.  We should be there 100% present with our body and soul.

So, just as babies do, during day-time, we need, to play, get tired, love and be loved, express ourselves, collect memories or let other thoughts go and flow like water; we should also forget and forgive.  In fact, most people who have sleeping disorders, just have “day-time” disorders, in the sense that they do not have a life full of the above.

So, as adults after making sure that we meet your physiological needs such as food, we should try to:

  • Have a day full of interests; have a job that expresses us; be surrounded by people we love; discover new things and exercise mentally and physically. That may sound abstract or difficult to be applied; but we can try little by little increasing the number or the hours of the things that we love doing and we will get the spirit at last. Then we can consider setting forward for bigger life changes.
  • Be free of worries. Before we go to bed, lets park aside all our fears, problems and disappointments. Lets make the place and time of sleep unreachable to any negative energy. It is not that difficult. Every night, we can remind ourselves that we are allowed to leave your worries out of the bedroom, as the best way to deal with our issues is to give ourselves a time of regeneration. Every night, it is good to remind ourselves that it is ok for us to enjoy and have a moment of calm and delight. We can as well write our problems down on a piece of paper and put it away from view, or say out loud a phrase like: “Now I am leaving my concerns aside and I will get back to them tomorrow”. By doing this every day, we build bit by bit our own fortress, which is out of reach to stress.
  • Keep our conscience clear. We need to make sure that the day passed was lived in accordance with our values; that we did not treat anyone unfairly; even ourselves. If we are regretful for something lets not try to analyse it but instead think of how we can make up and leave it for the following day, if we cannot do anything immediately.
  • Prepare ourselves to enter another world. This is our moment of the day. Let us thank the day for what it brought on our way and reward ourselves for the effort we made. Lets treat ourselves a “bed time story” e.g a nice book; or enjoy the company of our partner; or spend some time in silence; or bear in mind the people we love; or pray; or just listen to music.
  • Be gentle with sleep. We need not to be stressed or frustrated if we cannot sleep. We should instead enjoy our sleepless nights and stay calm. Sometimes it absolutely normal to stay sleepless. We must respect this need of ours. We, humans are predestined to practice our hunting skills once and then; we need to sharpen our hearing to listen to the baby breathing, or to sense if something out there can pose a threat to us and our beloved ones. Even in the case we stay sleepless we still get some rest. It is not a waste of time.

Summing up, the most important thing is that we regard sleep as something sacred; as an ultimate delight; as an everyday ritual that purifies us and returns us in the world cleaner, stronger, and closer to our wishes. It is not a surprise that people who honour sleep – e.g. people who do not sacrifice sleep for work; people who are every night there consistent to their appointment; people who do not interrupt their sleep viciously with an alarm clock -, are honoured back by sleep.

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