Since our bodies feel and think…

It is not something new that psychological problems frequently derive from a poor physical condition and the other way around; a psychological disorder can cause physical symptoms. For example lack of physical exercise is associated with higher levels of depression, and prolonged stress is responsible for causing heart disease.

I will not go that far to suggest that every psychological problem is actually of physiological nature. However, if we were able for a second to conceive ourselves having the best we could get in terms of sleep, nutrition, exercise, exposure to the elements of nature, relaxation, sex and physical health, we would be stunned by the difference we would experience in cognitive and emotional level.

In fact, there is not a standard way on how everyone should eat or sleep; there is not such best practice because people develop different needs on the basis of their environment, lifestyle, age or gender. Nevertheless, humans lived for thousands of years, having a certain, more or less, style in their sleeping, nutrition and physical activity. The way we eat, sleep, breath, work, transport or spend our spare time has changed dramatically the last 200 (not to say just 50) years in the industrialised world; and yet this lifestyle keeps changing.

So, if we want to seek what is healthy for our body we should consider that the kind of humans we are today has been shaped by the environment in a period of thousands of years of living in a certain way (e.g. sleeping early in the evening, working physically at daytime), rather than during the last decades.

On the next posts there will be cited some easy tips on what we can do to meet our physiological needs in the best possible way.

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