Before I die II

 These are some of the sentences that people wrote on Southbank’s Centre board under the title: Before I die I want to …

  • …see mom and dad again together.
  • …make people happy
  • …know I lived and loved
  • …fall in love

—–-this… (someone agreeing with the previous opinion) 

  • …get a universal visa and travel for free
  • …fulfill my dreams

  • …live
  • …write an amazing song
  • …to see the end of racism
  • …to overthrow capitalism
  • …make a living
  • …be an Iron Man
  • …stop being scared to death
  • …make the world a better place
  • …learn true humility
  • …have lived enough to deserve rest

  • …make my boyfriend the happiest man in the world
  • …to see world peace
  • …see all the people that I love happy
  • …Live, Love, Laugh and Learn
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