Before I die..

A couple of days ago I attended Sandi Toksvig’s “Memorial lecture” at Southbank Centre, London. The lecture was part of the Southbank’s “Festival for the Living” where the main subject was…death.

It was one of the funniest things I have ever been to. I could not have imagined that the greatest taboo and one of the few things that all humans have in common -death-, could produce so much fun and laugh.

While at the show, as hit by a lightening, it crossed me the idea:  “O.K,…We are not defeated by death… Death may take our lives but it will never in fact overpower our spirit”… Defeat is a state of mind and we are not defeated unless we accept the loss as a reality”; and apart from few exceptions we people do not regard death as an option and we will never accept it as long as we are alive.

We are like naughty students who conform in front of their master, but they do not really respect him.  With the first chance they will start teasing each other and being a mischief again.

All these funny, beautiful, brilliant people that made fun of death during the “Memorial Lecture” were there the living proof that death is dead… Their imperious humour -I cannot explain it how- left me with an archetypical sensation that I was in the middle of a gathering of one of the first communities of humanity; unity, trust and genuine human taste. It was like an assembly of people saying: “ok we came on this planet without knowing why and how. We are departing likewise. But who cares?… Look how beautiful is everything around”!

A few metres away, at the Royal Festival Hall there was a board where people were asked to finish the incomplete sentence: “Before I die…” . There were some brilliant sentences which I am going to share with you in my next posts.

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