Your destiny is upon your hands

“I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road”.

Stephen Hawking

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3 Responses to Your destiny is upon your hands

  1. They were predestined to “look before they cross the road”. 😉

  2. 100% true!
    There are however, 2 slightly different notional shades in the word “predestined”. The one that indicates that since everything is predetermined we should take no action for change and the one that says that our actions do have impact on the environment and ourselves even if they prove to be predestined and our behaviour pre-programmed.
    Hawking, I think, opposes in a funny way the attitude of many people who use the argument “everything is predestined” as an excuse to quit trying, or as a way of showing off by “possessing” the wisdom of the universe. I think he well knows that everything is predestined (2nd connotation) as well as the cause and causality principle that run the universe from the beginning of time.
    That is my point too: that we should never stop trying to change ourselves and the environment even if that change is already predestined or our actions contribute (or not) in a predestined way.
    Thank you for your comment. A line full of food for thought 🙂

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