Unlearn “Learned Helplessness” III, Sleep well!

It may sound awkward, but sleeping well, in long term, can work miracles. It helps in two ways. First, it gives us the energy, health and vitality to create the best stimuli for our lives and at the same time allows us to process them in a natural, unbiased way.

However, the most important thing that sleep offers is the dream. Dreams are not by coincidence linked to wishes and desires. Long ago before Freud concluded that dreams are desires, people in different cultures used the word “dream” as synonym to “wish”, “want”, or “desire”.

The Seligman’s “helpless” dog (see Sunday’s post) has lost its primary desire to be free, and that is why it does not jump over the fence to his freedom.  “Helpless” individuals have in fact lost their contact with their deepest desires when for example, consider their life as condemned to be miserable; that is why they do not jump over their misery to happiness.

Dreams, as psychoanalytical trends maintain, rebuild and reorder our fragmented and damaged ego. Sleep is the absolute (and nowadays, maybe the only)  contact with our inner and deepest essence. Let us give sleep the respect it deserves. Let us dive every night into the waters of our wishes and wake up every morning fuller with human essence… Let us dream.

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