M.E.E.T.ing your goals

No matter what your goal may be, from “quitting smoking” to the more abstract “changing my life”, before you set out for it, just, bear in mind that you need to be adequate, in all phases of goal-setting. So, take a small test. Ask yourself these questions.
Motivation: How strongly do I want to achieve this goal? How much do I believe in this goal? How much am I inspired by this? Is/Was it a dream of mine? Is it according to my ideals and values? Is it alive inside me for long, or is it an inspiration on the spot?
Easiness: How easy is the goal? How easy is that goal for me, in particular? Can and will I do it? Is it in accordance with my skills?
Energy: Do I have my batteries charged? Am I in an overall good condition, in terms of physical and mental stamina? Do I get tired or discouraged easily? Is this the best time to start? What are the other things that require my energy at the same time?
Taking It Up: Do I have a general idea of what to do? Can I break it down to smaller tasks? Do I know the place, the time, the actions and the people that I am going to employ?

Well, the more “Yes/a lot” you have, the more likely is that you will achieve your goal, even if you are wrong in many of your answers!!!
At the end of the day, the power of beliefs lies in the phrase of Henry T. Ford “Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, you are probably right”.

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