Choose your environment!

Equity theory supports that our actions and motives are dependent on a continuous comparison we make, between ourselves and the people around us, and the estimation of our current position compared to that of the people of our environment. For example, a student may try harder (or, instead, give up efforts), if the students around him are very competent;  an employee might consider himself as badly-paid, compared to his colleagues (and take action), despite the fact that he might be paid a salary that is double the country’s average; someone might start or not start smoking, because his father smokes, etc. It is not clear how equity theory works on each one of us. However, it is important that we have an essential awareness of how the environment effect us, and (to an extend and where feasible), to choose the people, the situations, the place and the time that promote our life goals. It is of catalytic power and determines our future efforts.

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